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A Marine You Should Know -Cpl Scherer Admin |

A Marine You Should Know – Cpl Scherer

Cpl Christopher G. Scherer, USMC, KIA 21 July 2007, Operation Iraqi Freedom. My son is “A Marine You Should Know”.

When Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Sinclair spoke at Chris?s funeral he said the following: ?Chris?s platoon commander called him the most likable marine in the platoon, no one griped or had a bad day if Cpl Scherer had anything to say about it. Lieutenant Douglas Orr told me that though the living conditions in the field have been harsh over the past two months, and the marines have been working and fighting in 120 degree temperatures while wearing body armor and carrying ammunition, weapons, water, and equipment that typically weighs over 70 pounds for each marine, he never heard Chris complain or even question their circumstances – not once. NOT EVER.?

Lt Col Sinclair further stated: ?Lt Orr also shared with me some of the unique traits that Chris’ mates will forever remember him for. For starters, there was his sense of humor – paradoxically at its best when stress and privation were highest. Most notably, he had an uncanny ability to lift spirits with his voice impressions. He was a superb mimic of more actor?s voices and accents than anyone could count. One of his favorites was that from the movie Jaws? After seeing the size of the shark, Chief Brody says to Captain Quint. ?You?re gonna need a bigger boat.? He would often say this when things got particularly rough.?

From Proud Marine Parents

Tim and Janet Scherer

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