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A Marines Day in the High Court of the Almighty Admin |

I am a writer coming off the back side of a long dry spell. I have received two of your news letters now and as I read I have received more inspiration than I have for a long time. So here it is; in the words of a newcomer to the Grit Circle. I hope you all get as much from this as I did writing it at 3:30am. Hooorah!

A Marine’s Day in Court
Written By: Cpl. Andy C. Purchase
USMC Retired

From the halls of Montezuma to the deserts of Iraq
We may bleed and die but the Corps has got your back

I read the letters telling of another standing at the Pearly Gate
It makes us sad but I’m quite sure St Peter is irate

Because they say that heaven is a place of peace alas
But just last week an old Jar Head kicked somebody’s ass

As you might imagine this caused some great uproar
It’s been since the days of Lucifer someone was shown the door

So in the High Courts of the Mighty his fate would be determined
Should we keep the trouble maker or send him to the burnin’

All rise they heard High Court is now in session
Our brother he stood tall heels together at attention

Defense was loud and long then came cross examination
Is it true Marine you proudly served your God your Corps and Nation

The answers they came quickly as the Sgt. spoke with honor
Two Purple hearts and a Silver star and I’d like to thank my Father

For teaching me to stand for what I believe is right
Even if that means I die I’ll not give up the fight

And so before you ban me from this beautiful Home Base
You should know the one I fought with once used to roam this place

It was Lucifer himself I don’t know who let him in
But I do thank God it happened and I’ll explain just why I grin

In the Great Book it is written Satan pays the final sacrifice
Who better to get the job done now please take my advice

If you want this place to stay as peaceful as it’s been
Let me stay here and guard it from the Devil and his Den

Case Dismissed was all you could hear then the gavel came down like thunder
The Mighty judge smiled at the prosecutor and his mighty blunder

Then He walked up to the stand where stood the proud Devil Dog
Semper Fi he said returned his salute and I’m proud to be your God


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