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A Mom’s Pride and Fear

A Mom’s Pride and Fear
Kelly Smith

The day you were born, my dear baby boy,
My world filled with delight, and my heart filled with joy.
That face full of innocence, your smile so bright,
I held your life in my arms, as I rocked you each night.
As I’d lay you to sleep, looking down with a tear,
I pondered your future, a mom’s pride and fear.

As a toddler you grew in your size and your style,
The terrible two’s brought that laugh and that smile.
We were on our own now, making our way,
And my love just grew stronger with each passing day.
Your first step, your first words, your first bus ride that school year,
Brought a mix of emotions, a mom’s pride and fear.

Remember our dirt bikes, you’d laugh and you’d cry,
As we’d conquer a hill, or I’d yell BAIL and you’d fly.
We were snowboarding buddies, no one else could compare,
We tried bringing friends, but their slowness would wear.
To Whistlin Jack on our snowmobiles and off the cliff you did veer,
I found you, we climbed out, a mom’s pride and fear.

With high school came puberty, girls, and homework,
At times you were distant at times a complete jerk.
But whatever the problem, we had our own pact,
Our bond will remain and our love stay in tact.
Off to college you went and you had your first beer,
You’re out on your own, a mom’s pride and fear.

You came back home to figure life out,
You dropped out of college and gave me some doubt.
Then came the discussion, you joined the Marines,
My heart filled with terror, I caused quite a scene.
You valued my thoughts, you made it so clear,
You are your own man now, a mom’s pride and fear.

You’ve been sent to Iraq, for my freedom you fight,
It’s MY job to protect YOU, I can’t sleep at night.
You’re doing a job with purpose and pride,
So I’ll keep to myself the times I have cried.
In a land far away, you are out of my reach,
As you think of America, remember my speech.
You have my support son, I’ll always be here,
Stay safe, stay sane, a mom’s pride and fear.

For My Son
Zachary J. Symonds
United States Marine Serving in Iraq
September 11, 2006

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