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A More Salty Appearance

A More Salty Appearance

About two weeks ago while cruising the internet I stumbled on an ad for a "Vietnam era" green utility cover so I bought one (right photo). I still have one that I was issued in 1963 and it has long since passed the stage of being unserviceable (left photo). My wife is a wonderful companion but she is like a First Shirt when it comes to cleaning house. Once I caught her just in time, my old utility cover in hand, heading towards the sh-t can with obvious intentions of throwing it out. When I tried to explain why I couldn't part with it, she only stared at me blankly. Suffice it to say, I just explained you don't sh-t can old warriors, you stow them away. My new cover has the "first day of Boot Camp" look to it, but that doesn't matter; it will gradually take on a more salty appearance.

I would like to address a comment to GySgt. F. L. Rousseau, USMC Retired. In nearly every newsletter for several months I have noted you have commented on various subjects. When I was just a 17-year old snot-nosed, bald-headed maggot recruit in F Company, 2nd Battalion, Platoon 275 at MCRD San Diego from September through November, 1963, we attended many classes throughout Boot Camp. At that time, there was a Corporal Rousseau, (soon to be Sergeant Rousseau) who instructed classes on the UCMJ if I recall correctly. This Sergeant Rousseau was quite a dynamic instructor who was his own PA system, clearly audible to even those recruits in the back of the room. Our first introduction to Sgt. Rousseau when we entered the classroom and were seated was when he suddenly leapt off the stage screaming at one hapless Private in the front row; "You Just Smacked That Other Private In The Gourd, Didn't You! I Saw You Do It!" Sgt. Rousseau's act in doing this was to bring home a point about our rights under the UCMJ. It scared the hell out of the private whom h-ll bellowed at, but it was effective. I have often wondered if you are the same Sergeant Rousseau? If you are, I have to tell you that I was impressed by your method of teaching and long ago adopted many of your methods when I was a teacher in various schools and circumstances (toned down, obviously). Just wondering.

J.P. Wise

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