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A picture of me in 1983 Admin |

A picture of me in 1983

Sgt. Grit:

We are a proud Marine Corps family. I served from 1960 – 1966, my brother, Dr. Larry Morrell, served from 1953 – 1956, and our Dad, James E. Morrell, served from 1916 – 1919. Recently, my family has put together many of the pictures that Dad took during his WWI service. Dad was a sea-going Marine. Enclosed are 3 pictures that I’ve had restored. One is his sea-going home, the battleship USS Wyoming; the second is the Marine detachment on the Wyoming (Dad is in the front row, seated in the middle at an angle), and the third is a copy of Dad’s discharge certificate. Notice that the CMC signed the certificate. Incidentally, for all you “salts” out there, my Dad’s USMC service number was 75136. Unlike most Marines, from the eras of my brother and I, my Dad took no stock in his service number. In fact, as a young Marine stationed on Okinawa in the early 60s, I wrote him asking what his service number was. He could not remember it. It didn’t matter in those days. He DID, however, remember his Springfield .03 rifle number, and did till the day he passed away. Oorah ! and Semper Fi !

Dr. Lynn Morrell

USMC 1960-66

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