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A.S.P. 1 follow-up

A.S.P. 1 follow-up

Dear Sgt Grit,

Had read your last 2 issues with the ASP 1 stories and figured I would add my 2 cents. I was stationed on Hill 34 with Hq Co – 7th Comm when the dump blew up. It was the d*mndest show I ever saw and went on for two days and nites. We were in the bunkers and manning the trench lines 24 hrs a day for about 5 days if I remember right. Everyone was warned NOT to waste ammo because what we had on hand was all there was if we got hit by Charlie.

Seen from Hill 34 A Quiet Moment Another Day at the FARM This was some show Unreal You could FEEL the HEAT from some of these. Lite your Fire Really BIG Explosion

A piece of the chow hall roof came off during an explosion and hammered one Marine in the chow line, hurt him pretty badly as I recall. The thing I remember most about the explosions was being able to watch the shock wave rings coming thru the sky before the noise reached you ! Some of these must have been entire bunkers of bombs or arty shells going up all at once. I swear the ground under your feet moved some times. These are the only pictures I’ve got from that time, hope you enjoy them !

Jim Herbst Sgt 7th Comm Bn/A Co 1st AT’s 1st Tank Bn–COP Three
Fingers/5th Comm Bn — 9-68–4-70

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