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A Shot Too Close

Just let me know if you heard this one. Golf Co, 2/5 just got settled in to a new position with tents made from our ponchos. I usually shared my tent with a Marine from Utah (Chris). We got in and just took off our boots to relax after one of those humps when a sniper started using us for target practice. Apparently, someone put up his flag which makes for a nice item to sight in on. Anyways, I was able to move in to the mortar pit (it was next to our tent) and helped the crew put out some rounds. Well, to make a short story a little longer—we were able to put the sniper out of his misery. Chris and I crawled back in to our hunch when I notice a hole in both of the ponchos! I followed the line to the dirt around the mortar pit then to my helmet (with a dent in it) that had been setting there with the rest of my gear during the shooting. I realized that the helmet had been in front of where my head had been while I broke out rounds for the 60mm mortar crew. I made sure that no one got their hands on my new lucky helmet! Semper Fi my friends.

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Earl Powell - May 4, 2020


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