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A Soldier’s Heart

Hi my name is Dustin Rogers. I have signed up for the Marine Corps and my MOS is Infantry. I leave for boot camp June 9, 2008 about a week after I graduate. Well anyways I have a lot of people ask me why I am doing this or that im crazy or that I have no reason to do this and etc…. Well I didn’t know what to tell them because I knew that they would understand and they just don’t get it. So I wrote a poem about the whole thing. It’s called “A Soldier’s Heart.”

A Soldier’s Heart
by Dustin Rogers

They don?t know why we do it.

They don?t see what we see.

They don?t know why we risk our lives for a war that isn?t even ours.

It?s not for publicity but for love.

That is it.

It is all for love.

It is as simple as that.

For the brotherly love of the men next to us and for the loved ones we have left back home.

The times are changing and freedom is no longer free.

So we must fight to keep our families free and safe.

For we are not afraid to die because we will know in our hearts that our family will be safe.

It is truly an honor to give your life for the ones you love and know.

So we do this for our moms and dads.

Our brothers and sisters.

Our friends back home.

For the stranger on the side of the street.

For the people who have crushed our hearts.

And for the guy who said that we would never amount to anything.

Because we love and care about them all and always will no matter what they have done.

That is why I am a soldier and always will be till the day I die.

So the next time you see a soldier remember the word Semper Fi.

A word that means always faithful, which is what we are.


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