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A Special Marine

I wrote this for a very close friend whom through the years I have fallen in love with. He joined right after High School and is just finishing the last of his training. Through it all he reminds me that this is what he and his fellow Marines were meant to do and I carry that in my heart.

A Special Marine
by Melissa Martin

I sit here night after night
Waiting for that sound
The ring of a phone
Or the Ping on my computer
Letting me know you are there

I pray to see your smiling face
Even if its only for a short time
I long for those moments
Cause to me it stops time

I smile back when I see you on
I fight back every tear
And although I know soon you will be home
There is always that pinch of fear

The pride in your eyes brings comfort
Your name tag says it all
You are one of the few
Of the U.S Marine Corps

The eagle, globe and anchor
Which I often see
Brings such warm feelings
As it was meant to be

You work long days
And all through the night
You give it your all
You will fight that courageous fight

And every night I lay in bed
Thinking of those few smiles
The pride that fills my heart and head
I know is for that special Marine

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