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A United States Marine

A United States Marine
by Don Kozak

They stand in line, their faces taunt, their eyes stare straight ahead. A deadly gaze they pierce right through, their backs cannot be breeched, fingers tight in a vice like grip the steel in their hands, not a hair is out of place.

The uniform is proudly worn; the chest could burst its buttons.
Dark and blue with blood red piping, golden buttons polished true. To finish off the leather neck his mane is high and tight, his cap is white, and his buckle bright, the brass is shining through. Everything upon his chest he’s earned through blood and sweat.

True grit he has for his mission to complete, his blade is sharp and razor like will run you through and through. The blood groove runs the length of it the K-bar is its name, its purpose very clear once thrust in to the enemy will come out clean and easily to past right through again.

Although no weaponry is needed to do the needed deed a rifleman is every one no matter what his pursuit. A creed he has and knows it well his weapon is his alone. His rifle is his life and he guards it with his heart. He learns to shoot and hit his aim like no one in the world. He treats it with respect and feeds it what it needs. The enemy fears his prowess with weaponry of steel or without.

The Germans called him devil dog like hounds from hell they battle. They liked the name and guard it well like leather neck, another name that stuck. On ships they fought with true valor the leather round their neck so no man could slash his throat if on ship or shore he went.

His valor was thought uncommon on some foreign shore he faught, until like rain it fell then his enemy could not stand his ground the hounds from hell prevailed. He’s known around the world his history he’ll proudly tell; from the halls of Montezuma to the present battles won, he never leaves his dead behind the brotherhood his grail. He’ll die for one of his, his life he’ll gladly give, no other one like him exists his honor is his grist.

No other can quite compare to his esprit De corps, he wears the name Marine with pride,

A United States Marine?

Don Kozak? 2nd Bat 27th Marines Tet 1968? September 19, 2007

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