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A Warrior’s Return Admin |

A Warrior’s Return
By: Anonymous

No Fences Which Contain this Weathered Word Man,
Broken, The Chains lays Before me, Buried Beneath
the Talcum Powdered sand.

Gone, Now are these Dreams Dreamt, Though I still
Awake in Cold Sweats, In My Home.


I know I’m not alone, My boots now Track in mud
from the City Streets, and My body is Wiped clean,
Clear of a land that is Forsaken In the Eyes of
the Lord.

Missions left lost, But they were Achieved, the
Cost was Unbearable, While it Smothered the Beast
with Greed.

More then Most can Stand, Judged Guilty By the
Right Hand of God, Never to Again Tread in the
Lands of Nod.

No Way to Fight it, How’d it get Lost, if We were
the Ones to Hide it.

Our Enemies, to Brothers of which whom we Confided
in, Trusted in, Forgave all Sins Committed, Just jump
up and Hit it.

Stop trying to find the Good in the Worst, and just
Settle for what you have, Life, Love, and Brotherly
Friendships, No fences, Chains or Oceans can Separate
any of us anymore, and Never Again…

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