Act on Instinct

I recall one day at PISC, we were lunging into the hanging dummy with fixed bayonet. The 2nd Lt did not like the way I growled so after the third time he had the platoon form a circle around him and then he called me into the center with him and growled at me saying he was going to show me how to do that. Then he came at me with the rifle and bayonet aimed at me. I do not remember what I did but I took the weapon away from him and had him on the ground while bouncing the rifle butt into his groin.

The men yelled do it to him I don’t know how many times, but when I heard them I got up and backed away from him. He then yelled I was going to the BRIG, then a voice from out of the ring said no he had seen the whole thing and we both went to the Maj. He said we need more MARINES like him that act on instinct and then released me.

Harold Thompson PFC

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