Air Support and the Rockpile

Air Support and the Rockpile

CH-34 Tail

Sgt Grit, It is incomprehensible to me how any Marine could not understand the importance of the Air Wing, be it fixed wing or Helicopters. The attached photo is a typical resupply run to the hand full of us who have the privilege of being called B.O.T.?s (Been On Top) The Rockpile was manned by small 3-4 man Marine teams from Recon, Forward Observers and Radio Communications units. While the Rockpile was the most photographed piece of real estate in Vietnam, there are very few of us who were B.O.T.?s, and without the Air Wing we could not have survived up there. Getting a CH-34 up there was a feat in itself in good weather, but these crews were there when we needed them, and put their lives and aircraft at risk every time they set one wheel down on our LZ. To us, they were our lifeline and our hero?s, and we are here today because of their efforts to support us. Anyone who questions their role in any operation, must have sat behind a desk for the whole war.

S/Sgt. T.B. Dudley RVN 1963-1966-1967

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