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Ambushed Vehicles From The Sand Box

Ambushed Vehicles From The Sand Box

THE below PHOTOS in WORDS……..

Hey man, just got hit today. I’ll paint the picture for you. Three vehicles, Lead vehicle (soft vehicle and the one I was in), Hard vehicle (clients plus two DEH), and Trail vehicle (also a soft vehicle). We were driving back to base and came up on an overpass. Saw two white trucks stopped above our lane with about 6-8 people around it. First thing they did was RPG the hard vehicle (which hit the windshield and didn’t blow. They started hitting us with frags and AK fire. We opened up on the and before the first vehicle cleared the bridge we confirmed 4 kills. When we cleared the bridge, they ran to the other side and started shooting from the rear. Shawn (our rear gunner with the M240) opened up on the group of shooters. A BMW with 4 armed guys tried to side swipe the hard vehicle. The lead vehicles rear shooter also with a M240 shot the BMW until it blew up. The hard vehicle’s engine locked up and the trail vehicle started pushing it and my vehicle fell to the rear. We drove until the hard vehicle started burning and we pulled over and secured the area and did a vehicle transfer. We dropped 2 grenades in the armored vehicle and left it. We created about 2 miles of hot led along the highway….shot EVERY vehicle that we passed.

The front right in the trail vehicle got hit in the mouth by an AK. God was on his side…. it hit his mouth and got stuck between the skin and jaw bone. No damage to teeth or jaw. Other than that, no one got hurt…just cuts from flying glass.

Just want to say, breacher blankets on the roof saves lifes. Took 7 in one and 3 in the other.

Sean Clark
Personal Security Operator
Department of Environment & Health
Taji, Iraq

Here are our vehicles

Lead vehicle(left)…outbound rounds in the window. Inbound hits on the roof.

Rear vehicle(right), most of the hits were in coming on the roof. One passed through the windshield and hit our guy in the mouth.

Rear vehicle(left), got rammed. BMW didn’t count on the M240 in the rear…Pink mist!!!

(right)This is our hard vehicle (limo), engine shot up and locked up 100 yards out of the X. Pushed for another mile of so and then we burnt it.

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