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Every time I, or we, go on vacation, I, or we, bring back wine corks for our daughter. She builds things with them… trivets, log cabins, boxes, etc…

This is her latest. 470 corks.

Semper Fi!

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Jim A Garcia - June 28, 2020

I would say your daughter is also proud of you, our nation & our Marine Corps. <I 🙂 She is a creative Patriot. during this Presidential campaign, as our Commander in Chief requested, keep a copy of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, our Constitution stating our Preamble, the responsibilities for the trinity of our Government institutions charged with ensuring & incorporating the Amendments which confirm our rights as citizens of this great United States of America. Analyze related documents & you’ll see we as individual citizens have responsibilities toward each other’s humanity. Every day I grow prouder of every Marine & branch of service, I believe we all stepped forward to serve, to cement this IDEA, freedom, in to posterity for each other. In the final analysis Humanity is our common bond.

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