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American Soldier

Once a Marine is always a Marine. I wrote a poem about an “American Soldier” I am spreading this poem all across America because the soldier is what is protecting our freedom. D. Henry

American Soldier
by D Henry

I am an American soldier, I’m strong and I’m Brave.
I must keep up a good fight, for the people that I save.
No matter what circumstances may come to my path
The enemy will shed as they see God’s wrath.
This sweat, this desert, the thirst of us all.
We are proud to serve our country for the enemy will fall.
This battle, this war, will come to an end.
My purpose for freedom for the time that I spend.
Hurray! For America, over land of the free,
For I am an American soldier, From Sea to shining sea.

By: D Henry
USO and Marine

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