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An Hoa Ammo Dump ExplosionAn Hoa Ammo Dump ExplosionAn Hoa Ammo Dump ExplosionShrapnel from expolosion

I was on a radio relay shot at An Hoa when the ammo dump in DaNang went up. Even though we were about 30 miles away it was still a spectacular sight.

I can’t remember if it was before or after the DaNang dump went up but sometime that same spring the ammo dump at An Hoa went up. Here are some photos I took of the explosions that night. I used an engineer’s stake for a make-shift tripod and took a long exposure. Several times that night a huge blast went off and night turned into day. The picture of the shrapnel is what we policed up around our hootch and radio bunker. The toe on the right will give you some idea of scale.

Bill Wright – Sgt.
1st Mar. Div. – HQ. BN. – Comm. Co. – Radio Relay Plt.
’68 – ’69

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