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An Inspiration To Fellow Marines

An Inspiration To Fellow Marines

Article by Salvador Rivera
FOX 5 News

A video showing retired Marine Jose Barron crawling up a steep hill on his hands and one leg has gone viral and has turned him into an online sensation.

Barron attended a reunion over the weekend at Camp Pendleton for Marines who were deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, members of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.

Part of the event involved a trek over a steep hill known as First Sergeant’s Hill where several crosses have been placed in honor of Marines, all members of Barron’s unit, killed while on deployment.

“I had told myself I want to see those crosses, and it took me five years to get up there. I knew I had to get up there some way some how,” said Barron.

In the video, you see him crawling on his hands on one leg after he had taken his prosthetic left leg off. It shows incredible grit and determination.

“The leg wasn’t working the way I wanted it to work, so I just took it off and kind of crawled on my arms and one leg.”

While in Afghanistan, Barron was injured when a fellow Marine stepped on a roadside bomb. He lost his left leg and left eye.

“I can’t let my amputation and my eye slow me down,” he told FOX 5.

Barron says he is humbled by the attention the video is getting and hopes it serves as inspiration and motivation for fellow Marines who may be contemplating suicide, something several members of his unit have done.

Watch the video at:

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Lawrence Turner L/CPL - July 7, 2020

Sgt.Tom Campbell, My Cousin William (Bill) Morton was in !st Force Recon, 3rd.Reconnaissance Bn. Aushau Valley, VietNam 66-67′ Did you happen to Run into Him at any time ? I sorta followed his footstep and went Battalion Recon . 69-70′. NEXT: I read The Story Above, “An Inspiration to my Fellow Marines” Barron, I didn’t see the Video, But the fact that you were able to Overcome that Hill to see those Crosses after several attempts is an Inspiration for me not to give up during my Current Situation. As a Marine, i seem to always find extra strength to go Forward & Not Give Up. Lately i feel like i let a Boulder Fall on me, and Too Weak to Crawl Out from under it. Thanks for The New Inspiration ! SEMPER FI My Brother …

Rudy Romo - July 7, 2020

My son, Jacob, also served with the 3/5 on that same deployment to Afghanistan. He too came back and retired as an amputee. In 2011, upon the 3/5’s return I attended their memorial for those lost on that deployment. I’ve met many of the 3/5 and I continue to be amazed at stories like Jose’s. Jose, you are truly an inspiration to Marines and non-Marines alike! Oohrah, Marine.

R.S. Michael - July 7, 2020


A.J. Apodaca - July 7, 2020

If it were not for brave Marines like you, there would be no Marine Corps. Semper Fi to Baron and may the Lord grant you peace and harmony. OooRah! Sgt.A.J.Apodaca – 1/11.

Robert W. Gonzales, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, Sgt. Of Marines - July 7, 2020

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Robert W. Gonzales, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, Sgt. Of Marines

As a Marine in Vietnam I served back to back tours from 1965 thru 1967. Being a Grunt we suffered WIA/KIAs. There isn’t a day that my mind doesn’t wonders back to that time in my life. It’s made me what I am today. I’m proud to have served with such men of Honor and Bravery. Jose Barron like you I can’t bring them back. But they are in my heart forever. Thank You! SEMPER FIDELIS
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Richard Espejo - July 7, 2020

Outstanding statement Marine!

Richard Espejo - July 7, 2020

Hoo Rah!!! SemperFi

CPL. Peter Dominguez. Nam Vet. - July 7, 2020

Brave soldiers, Once you’re a marine always a marine. Never give up. “Semper Fidelis” My blessing,my heart and soul with you all.

Tom Campbell Sgt. First Force Recon Co. 1960–66 - July 7, 2020

You are simply what the Marine Corps men are all about and it will be with you forever. You will always succeed at what ever you do because you don’t know the word, Quit!

Sgt. W R Herzog 0331 - July 7, 2020

Moto beyond belief.

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