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Another Proud Grandma!

Another Proud Grandma!

Just had to send in a couple pictures of my Grandson because I am so proud of him along with all the other Marine Grandma?s. Once your Grandson is in the Marines your life completely changes and you are part of a wonderful family of Marines. It is wonderful to be able to proudly wave the American Flag and also have a banner on my porch telling everyone he is a Marine and it will stay there until he comes home. The flag will be there forever and I am so proud of him and all the other fine young men and women who are courageous enough to stand for what our Country was founded upon. He is a tribute to the Marine Corp and once you are part of this wonderful Marine family you will also share in the great heritage of our country. He was stationed in San Diego for Boot Camp. He is a part of 3/1 India Company, Wpns. Plt.

I have attached a picture of his Platoon on top of a hill made to fallen Marines (he is the one squatted down by the cross on the left side) and also a picture of David on his first deployment to Iraq aboard the USS Denver. David is a native of Denver, Colorado and we thought it was neat for him to be aboard the USS Denver.

David will be home sometime in January, again, and we can all hardly wait to see him. We all prepare for weeks for him to be home again.

– Proud Grandma of a Marine,

Cheryl Orrino

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