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April 1963 First Combat Unit in Vietnam

April 1963 First Combat Unit in Vietnam

paper about Gunnery Sergeant James McCain This is just to let you know, the first combat marines in Vietnam was April 1963 it was a 47 3rd Recon Bn “C” Co.. and this is the only link to this special ops unit.

Click here: The Advisory & Combat Assistance Era: 1954-1964

GySgt “Ranger” McCain trained this 47 Marine recon unit, he was out of 1st recon, 2nd force recon, and 3rd recon he passed in 1981.

We took over security of the DaNang Air Base and did some special job’s for the corp out in the bush. Worked with MABS-16 Shufly Sub Unit 2

I would like to start seeing any thing with my year on it and not 1965… As the start ? 63…63…OORAH

John Gariano USMC 1962/66
3rd Recon Bn
Vietnam 1963
Neil Grissom and Wade Hudson
3rd Recon Marines 1963

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