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Article from Thomaston Times

Hello, Marine Moms

To the editor:

My husband, John, was in the Corps for six years. He’s no longer on active duty but as you are aware, “Once A Marine, Always A Marine.” My father was one of the ‘Chosen Few’ (Korea). My oldest brother is another “Once-Always Marine,” as well as one of my husband’s brothers. I also have a brother who was in the Army National Guard, and another of my husband’s brothers has just gotten out of the Navy (but still active in the reserves) after several years of service. He was in our present war and was wounded along with Marines he was serving with, My husband’s father (deceased like my father) was career Navy and my husband’s step-father was also in the Navy I won’t even begin relating all the other extended family who have served in our military but most all the men in my family have served their country.

Due to ongoing medical problems and working hours, we won’t be able to attend the meetings you will be having, but you are free to contact us by phone (we’re in the book) anytime. Besides writing to let you know that you have others standing with you, I’m also writing to put you in touch with an entire network of Marines and Marine family members that you might not be aware of. There is a Marine sergeant known as Sgt. Grit, who operates a Marine website and publishes a Marine newsletter. Sgt. Grit is a Vietnam veteran who has built a huge network of Marines (past, present, future) and Marine family members, who know and understand exactly what you and your Marines are going through, He also publishes his own catalog of Marine specialty products which are made by him and his staff who are Marines and Marine family members. He coordinates and does many other noble services, all of which you can read about and join in on if you wish. I asked his permission to send you his info through The Thomaston Times. Go to Be sure to give this information to your Marines and any other Marines (past, present or future) that you know. Connecting with Sgt. Grit’s network will mean a lot to them and you, I assure you.

God bless your Marines, and God bless you as you support them in their service. Call and give me their addresses, and I’ll write to and support them along with you.

Cindy Crook
Wife/Daughter/Sister of Marines

Article courtesy of Thomaston Times

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