At Home and Abroad, Marines are Always Faithful.

At Home and Abroad, Marines are Always Faithful.

Early afternoon on Sunday, Dec. 18, a man veered off the road crossing lanes of oncoming traffic crashing his pickup truck to a lake between Virginia and Pingree roads in Lake in the Hills, Ill.

Gunnery Sgt. Michael Wulf, a U.S. Marine, witnessed the event from just a short distance behind the vehicle. Without hesitation, Wulf and Scott Gesicki, another witness, immediately stopped their vehicles and took action. Wulf and the other witness jumped into the lake helping the 62-year-old driver and his dog escape the truck before it was fully submerged in the lake.

“The truck was quickly sinking, Scott and I knew we had to go in to get him to safety before it (the vehicle) went under,” said Wulf.

Emergency crews arrived shortly after the incident and took the driver, Hans Paulsen, to Sherman Hospital to treat him for injuries.

Due to the frigid temperature of the water, Wulf and Gesicki needed assistance walking from the lake shore to the ambulance where they both were examined for injuries and released soon after.

“Our legs were not working properly at that point due to the freezing temps,” said Wulf.

Paulsen told the Lake in the Hills Police Department that he is very grateful and wants to reach out to Wulf and Gesicki to say thank you.

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  • Former Sgt. K Daniels

    That’s what we do, and that is what makes Marines special, a cut above. That being said does not detract from the gunny being an out standing Marine and a damn good representative of Marines in general. Well done Marine.

  • GySgt Smith Retired MWSS 274

    I knew this young Marine when he was just a Cpl. GySgt Wulf has always been an outstanding Marine, and would go out of his way too help others. Great job. Semper FI

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