Atomic Marines

During the cold war approximate 300,000 Marines participated in Atomic bomb exercises in Nevada and the South Pacific. Records show that several died early with complications from various forms of cancer under a cloud of uncertainty about those exercises causing the cancer through ionizing radiation that are being disputed to this day. The VA has been drastically improved from the time the studies were initiated and is starting to recognize that there is reason to believe that those exercises had a major part is causing some of the cancers. As more scientific proof is developed there should be more cases presently in the claims process that will be recognized more specifically, for or against granting compensation for a claim. Something like what DNA has done for our legal process.

Has the Corp ever recognized the participation of it’s Marines who participated in the Atomic exercises with either a patch, medal, even a T-shirt or some other way of acknowledging the service, sometimes sacrifice and purpose that was given? I feel that the Corp was doing the best that it could with all of the knowledge that was available at the time and did a good job of doing it than anyone else. Considering the global threat of atomic warfare at the time there were no alternatives and if the threat was to be met who else but Marines could resolve it? Thanks for the providing a forum to sound off.

Semper Fi, Dick Kraske – Seattle

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