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I recently discovered that the Marine Corps sponsors an event called the Bootcamp Challenge.  Civilians are invited to participate in a 3 mile obstacle course that current recruits train with.  Over 60 drill instructors are positioned throughout the course to give civilians a flavor of what it is like to be trained like a Marine for a day.  Over 4,000 people participated in last year's event.  This year, the event is held on September 27th, which is the the 40th anniversary of when I first joined Marine boot camp, TO THE DAY.  I am making the trip as a 58 year old Marine Veteran, who is going to give Marine Corps basic training one more go around.  I am making the trip from Wisconsin, as the special date of the 2014 Bootcamp Challenge was a calling, that only a Marine would understand.

Semper Fi,

Dale Schulz

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