Bad Ass Vietnam Vet

Bad Ass Vietnam Vet

By: MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984

I found this poster online the other day as I was and thought I would share it. I am sure it is quite apropos for many of your readers. Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

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  • Cpl Bob 66

    Pete…I know about Purple Hearts awarded for some of the “wounds” inflicted during service Vietnam. Some were awarded a Purple Heart for nothing more than a scratch caused by falling on concertina wire or a piece of shrapnel small enough to be covered with a band-aide. I am not belittling those who were seriously wounded, lost limbs, or even their very lives. Also, many combat veterans suffer from PTSD and/or Agent Orange exposure that resulted in much worse delayed health conditions or an early death. According to the VA; “Purple Heart recipients are automatically upgraded to priority group 3 regardless of the severity of their injuries or their income”…..and I’ll leave it right there also…..Cpl Bob, also a Vietnam Vet.

  • Nick 0311

    There is no such thing as a democrat anymore. The party is controlled by socialist/communist. First it was liberials then progressives and now socialist/communist. Just like Ronald Reagan “I did not leave the democrat party the party left me” Nick 0311

  • Harry 1371

    I too like the concept, but the photo sucks! there are way better photos out there . Harry 1371

  • Murray M. Hermanson

    Nick, I was going to bring up the flak jacket, but in early 67 we didn’t wear them on the the first operations I was on. I think it was about April when we wore them and never took them off again. Murray 1371

  • Nick 0311

    John, there is so much wrong with this photo! look closer! Nick 0311

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