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Band of Sisters

Band of Sisters
PFC Golden

(Echo Co., M.C.T.-Camp Geiger, Oct 2004)

We are a band of sisters
Sent out to you,
With nothing to lose?
Until the day we came to you?
We were just kids if you knew.

Packin’ pounds, hurtin’ feet,
Pushing sisters til they succeed
Letters adrift, and friends we miss?

We are a band of sisters,
Straight out of high school?
Thought we were rough..
Proved to ourselves that we can be tough.

Momma don’t sit by the T.V. screen,
There’s nothing to be seen?
Daddy please don’t cry for me,
I guess it was meant to be?

We are a band of sisters,
The fewer than the few?
We were just kids if you only knew?

Fighting for freedom in a strange kingdom,
Fighting? just for you?
Sisters die? it’s not fair?
But, they don’t seem to care?

We were kids once, if you only just knew?
fighting these wars, all for you?

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