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Battle Plans

In deference to a well-known movie actor re-educating his Recon gang, I must step up and clarify his “Gung Ho” phrase of “Adapt, etc.” We have all heard it numerous times, but the best one I ever heard was from our D.I. Sgt. Richardson. He referred to himself as “the meanest SOB you’ll ever meet, if you f-ck up!” He used a simple phrase/law of his called “The Dinosaur Rule”. If you don’t want to become extinct like the dinosaurs, you WILL adapt or you Will die! Battle plans are good until the first round is fired, then throw it out the window and adapt until you win!

And yes, we were told, in the early 60’s, to hit the Rack because there will be a Junk on the Bunk in the morning. The only unknown was if the 782 gear was green side out, or brown side out.

Semper Fi and Merry Christmas and a Happy Humbug to all!

Bill Wilson
Swing with the Wing!

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David Althaus - May 12, 2020

Hey Fellow Marines of PLT 2187 Oct 1969 Please Reply I Look in LeatherNeck but no luck SEMPERFI

David Althaus - May 12, 2020

Hey Fellow Brothers are t here one left plt 2187 oct 1969

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