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Bea Arthur & Hollywood Tie-Ties

Bea Arthur & Hollywood Tie-Ties

In the 26 November 2014 news letter, Rusty Norman presented a very convincing argument for Bea Arthur having served in the Marine Corps. I would just like to pass along the evidence which led me to believe that she did not serve in the Corps. She appears to have been a strange lady. It makes me wonder why she would say she had not served in the Corps if she had. The rest of us are proud of our service, why would she not be proud too? I guess we'll never know but note how she changes the subject away from WWII after giving her answer and both she and the interviewer share a little titter.

I knew I had seen this and wasn't crazy.

Bea Arthur On Her Rumored Stint In The Marines.

One of the guys I went through boot camp with still has one of the clothes pins we used at MCRD San Diego in the Summer of 1962. He calls it a "Hollywood Tie-Tie" and attached is a picture of it he sent to me. He says he also has his name stamp with which we stamped our name on our clothing issue. I never used the name stamp after boot camp. If I bought any replacement clothing items I marked them with a black magic marker. I was never chastised for that.

Cpl. Jerry D.
USMC 1962-1966

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