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Sgt. Samantha Alexander, Distribution Management Office freight noncommissioned officer in charge aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal on Nov. 13 for saving the life of a local teenager April 25, 2019.

She was driving home with her daughter and as she turned into her neighborhood the car ahead of her slammed on the breaks and swerved, hitting two boys on their bicycles.

Alexander pulled safely off the road, and began to approach the scene. As she was getting closer, she noticed that the woman who had hit the two boys was standing over them screaming frantically, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” Another gentleman ran to attend to one of the boys, so Alexander helped the other.

“While I started talking to the (boy), I asked him his name, how old he was and I told him who I was. He said he had just got released from high school, and they were riding their bikes home.”

As she talked to the boy, she examined his body for trauma.
“I noticed that he had blood on his pants and they were torn. I (moved) the sweatpants, and could see bone and fatty tissue. I pulled off my belt and I tied it as far above the laceration as possible.”


Alexander kept telling the boy to brace for the pain, but due to the traumatic leg injury he couldn’t feel his leg.

“Once I got it tightened down as much as I could, I locked it in place and sat there talking to him.”

Despite seeing tunnel vision, and having spiked adrenaline, Alexander remained calm for the boy until emergency services arrived.

Shortly after EMS arrived, the boys were taken to Beaufort Memorial Hospital where the 15-year-old was immediately medevacked to Savannah. The doctors confirmed that it was an arterial bleed, and Alexander’s quick reaction to stop the bleeding saved his life.

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TRA - April 4, 2020

Out standing job Marine. One of the best. “Earned Never Given”.

James Kanavy - April 4, 2020

Well Done, Marine

BOB SUMNER - April 4, 2020

GRET JOB!!!!!!

Jack Miller Jr - April 4, 2020

I’m so glad she was there to save his life. God has a way of putting the right people in the right positions at critical times.

raymond edwards - April 4, 2020

OUTSTANDING job Sergeant Alexander, you are an inspiration to our Corps.
Raymond Edwards Sgt Maj USMC Ret 1966-1996

Gary L. Dyer - April 4, 2020

This makes me so proud to be a Marine. We need more stories like this so people don’t think we’re just pawns. Thank you Sgt. Alexander and great job. Semper Fi.

Jon Shebel - April 4, 2020

Great job, Marine!!!!!

Sgt Angelo J.Manos - April 4, 2020

Well done,Sgt Alexander,Semper Fi.

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