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Before I Went To Boot Camp

Marines getting into a helicopter for helicopter assault training.

I joined the Marine Corps Reserve in 5/5/55. Before I went into boot camp July 3, 1956, I had two weeks of training in July of 1955. During the first week we were at Coronado Navy Base/UDT, which is the base that the SEAL’s train today in California. We trained for amphibious landings after lots of classes. We went down to the beach and loaded on to LCM’s and went to the APA, attack transport, which was anchored several miles off shore. We climbed the cargo nets with all of our equipment.

The next morning we climbed down the cargo net and headed for the beach. I was in the third wave of boats, LCVP’s . The next day we assaulted two hills at Camp Elliott; the assaults went in to the night. The second week we were at Camp Mathews which is the rifle range for boot camp. I was trained on the M1 Grand rifle and the .45 ACP pistol. I qualified. Also, I trained with the BAR, .30 cal air cooled machine gun.

I did helicopter assault training and a helicopter assault. There is no information in my files about being aboard a ship or a helicopter. I have a picture of the helicopter with me standing next to it, USMC official photo. This picture shows proof that I was there. This took place between my junior and senior year of high school. I also marched in a Veterans Day parade – November of 1955 in Long Beach, California with my unit – the 15th rifle Co. USMCR, U.S. Navy Ammunition & Net Depot Seal Beach, California. Our Sgt’s and Offers were WWII and Korean War Vets. One Sgt was a China Marine.

By the time I got to boot camp I was already a Marine. Boot Camp was at SD MCRD, Platoon 3037 , T/Sgt H.L Keller was our senior DI. I was at 2nd ITR and etc. also July 1957 trained at Pickle Meadows

I am In the, Marine Corps League Mount St. Helens Detachment 889 Longview, Washington. We have one member that never went to Boot Camp, He got called up for the Korean war and was sent to Camp Pendleton and then to Korea.

WM David Schooling
1526108 CPL USMCR
1955 – 1959

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