Began to Box

Began to Box

As a Lance Corporal with 18 months service, I was put in charge of a dorm of freshly minted Marines at Naval Communications Training Center, Corey Field, Pennsacola, Florida. I’m not sure that I needed it, but I soon had an “enforcer” who helped me control the rowdy barracks crowd of probably 75. Kenny was always able to better gain the attention of the others, and help me control the chaos. He was a natural leader that everyone looked up to, PFC out of boot and an all around great guy that everyone liked.

We were being schooled to be “cold war warriors” and after some months, Ken for whatever reason was not able to pass into the advanced phase of training. ( I am certain that the reasons were not academic). He was sent up to 2nd Marine Division, and after arriving there began to box, eventually becoming All Marine heavyweight Champ. I understand that it was for the first time in his life that he had boxed. I have always wondered how far Ken Norton would have made it if he had done the Golden Gloves and Olympics like so many of the people he left laying on the mat.

Tom Piercy
Cpl of Marines

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