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Being a Marine

Being a Marine

April 25,1975 was the proudest day of my life graduated marine corps boot camp , parris island . M.O.S 0311, and love everyday of it was stationed at kmcas , did 3 west pac’s learned more about life than any collage could have taught me. How many mountain climbers, bend and mother f—ers, could not even begin to count. Every sand flea , the hot sun , the nose to nose bad breath from the D.I , well brothers you know what I mean. Platoon 1027 had a drill instructor named Sgt bell. If any marine had him, please reach out and let’s talk. For some reason could never figure it out. It he love to head butt me in my chest , a tough son of a gun. Hope the best to all my brothers out there, past and present. Hope you learned what I did and took it to heart as the best expereance you could ever had. The ups the downs, but I will always remember once a marine always a marine. Semper fi do or die. God bless , some day you know we all will meet again. And you know who will be guarding those gates, that’s right a United States marine. CPL RJ Miles 1stBn3rd marines.?? My prayers go out to all the grunts , that are keeping us safe so we can enjoy what we are doing in life and being free. Please make sure a brothers got your six. My photo follows along with my camps front yard.
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Patrick Camp - April 20, 2020

MCRD San Diego 1975, 2542 my first duty station was Okinawa BLT1/4, HQ’s , I did two tours there both at camp Hansen, loved every moment of it.

Miles - April 20, 2020

“Roger that” Charles M. Burton.

Miles - April 20, 2020

Thanks gunny B guess , guess Sgt chic was an office poggi, those three westpac’s was in my four year enlistment.

Gunny B - April 20, 2020

In reply to Sgt Chic.
why not? Westpac floats are only 6 months long. He coulda done it.

Charles M. Burton - April 20, 2020

M.C.R.D. Parris Isand, SC 1/6/69……………”Once a Marine Always a Marine”……..No Such Thing As A EX Marine!!! We are different in all aspects of cultures,land, race,religion. But one thing will always remain the , Once you acheive the title US Marine, We are all the same. We know how each other think, react, endure pain, and win what we set our minds to. Being a Marine will NEVER leave us, even in our daily lives. One thing rest assured , A Marine Is always On Duty. People can rest knowing that there is a Marine in the room, and is ready to defend at the blink of an eye. This my comment, my feelings, my pride, my honor to all my fellow Marines. I will always have your back!

Sgt Chic - April 20, 2020

Graduated in April 75 and did 3 WestPac?

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