Being The Oldest Marine

Being The Oldest Marine

I served from June of 1956 through September 1959. I had the distinct pleasure of serving directly for Commandant General Randolph McCall Pate. My office was directly across from the Commandant's and four doors down from the first Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Wilbur Bestwick. I have an album that contains many pictures, letters, and Christmas cards from Generals, Colonels, etc. What a duty for a Corporal! I would have reenlisted and been a career Marine, but unfortunately my wife and I had a son that the good Lord decided to take home two days after his birth 28 days before my discharge date.

Enclosed is a picture of my wife and I at the 238th birthday ball held at the Sheraton Ball Room at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I had the distinct honor of being the oldest Marine there (75 and a half) and joined in the celebration of cutting the cake and serving the youngest Marine there. He was 18 years old and just home from Parris Island for '2' days. I was honored to meet him.

Thanks and SEMPER FI!

William E. Jackson 

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