Best In The World

Best In The World

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the best in the world? Marines. The Few. The Proud. I don’t have to.
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  • Ed Giddings Sgt 1969-1973

    I agree

  • Robert Holley, SSgt, 3d Shore Party Bn, 3d Marine Division, (65-69)

    Where can I get one.

  • Sgt. J.J. Hernandez VMAQ-2 Playboys (81-85)

    A good poster of exactly how we all feel to be Marines. Make this into a poster that can be purchased??

  • Sgt. Larry Burchill. Alpha 1/26 1st. Mar. Div.

    Excellent idea! A choice between a bumper sticker AND a color print would be out#@&%&#standing!

  • S. L. Barnes, Sgt., USMC, ’69-’75

    This would make a great bumper sticker, or a nice 11×14 color print to be frames. Just Do It, and post the price.

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