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Bi-Polar Marine 1969-1973

Bi-polar from age 9 -present. Age, now is 63. U.S.M.C 1969-1973. The Marine Corps put me through some changes that ensured my  survival.

I did not sh-t my first six days on active duty (06/16/1969-six days). Reported to Senior D.I. S/Sgt. V.D.Martin for solution-butter.

I went semi-blind in the 10 days prior to the rifle range. Reported to sick bay.

Qualified marksman. Questioned by D.I. Sgt.Hamamoto, "How did you manage to qualify,Pvt.Bates?" "Sir,the private aimed at the center of the blur."

The blurring of my vision gradually improved after the range. I missed the M-60 machine gun familiarization fire at Infantry Training Regiment having a follow up eye examanation. That was a big  reason I joined up – shoot a f-cking machine gun. Oh ,well….

Graduated 08/25/1969 Plt 2110, M.C.R.D… San Diego.

Saw a Padres/Pirates baseball game in person AND the moon landing on TV in the platoon area with a set on top of 3 footlockers viewed by Plt2110… Hollywood…

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