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Boot Camp

By: Harry

Two boot camp stories : (1) Around the first or second week of boot camp I learned not to let the D.I.finish chow before any recruit. There were about half dozen of us that that were late to formation after chow. the plt.was ready to march back to the barracks when the DI shouted “well well well there are our lost sheep ! Sheep fall in behind the platoon on all four just like sheep and make that sound that sheep make BAAA..BAAAAA.We marched back on hands and knees saying BAAA BAAA just like sheep all the way to the barracks and down the middle of the squad bay until the DI got his fill.Lesson learned!! (2) To many dirty rifles so the DI had us bury our rifles in the sand behind the barracks ,run a few laps and then go find your rifle and clean clean clean.If the DI found one grain of sand we would have to do it all over Parris Island PLT.3056 Oct -Dec 1967

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Bob Cunningham - June 22, 2020

Our D.I. let us know one day #1 that when he was finished eating he would have one more glass of milk. When he finished drinking that last glass and set it down on the table we’d better already be outside waiting in formation for him! 1973 MCRD San Diego Plt. 1005

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