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Boot Camp

First and foremost I want to make it clear that this is not my story, it is a story that my cousin told me when he got home from bootcamp. He has told me just about all his stories, because he knows I will be enlisting. So here it goes, while on line, I'm not sure what exactly he was told to do, but the DI told him to do something and he didn't understand what he said, my cousin for some reason, snapped back into civilian mode and said "what?" And at that moment, he knew he was f-cked. The DI pushed him into his rack, instead of him hitting the rack, the back of his head found the front sight post of his rifle. Now my cousin is on the ground bleeding out the back of his head with a DI in his face, and sure as sh-t here comes the SDI freakin out askin what the hell just happened tellin him to clean it up. My cousin never made that mistake again.
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