Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego

Yes, I was a Hollywood Marine. In 1967 I was a Junior in College. I dropped out 1 semester to earn money for the next submester. Like most here, I was drafted. Being from San Diego, raised on a farm in the mountains east of San diego. Having worked on a farm I was physically fit. Don’t you know, I was drafted in April 1968 and also was “said to have volenteered ” to the Marines. This was because my DI advised that the Marine Corps never drafted anybody. Boot camp was somewhat easy for me. When asked if I would volenteered for OCS, I told them no. When asked why I told them that my was a retired lifer Marine Major & was a ***hole & I didn’t Dixie to be one. After sitting in my D.I’s chair and being pted the rest of the day. When I graduated I made PFC & Expert rifeman. Now ITR was much more of a harassment than Boot camp was. Being PFC I was constantly singled out for examples of what not to do. Having spending most of my in country career at Camp Pendleton, I never once see any recruit making Lcpl out of boot camp. I did however saw 2 Lance Corporal coming from MCRD. One was a reserves activated and one had former military in the army.
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