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Boot Camp Poem

My brother left for San Diego on August 13, 2006 which is my mother's birthday. So I wrote him this poem, and I just wanted to share it.

Boot Camp

We learn to fight
Down at dusk up at dawn
Building our bodies
Gaining brains, gaining brawn

I learn of my rifle
And all of its strengths
I crawl, and I climb,
And I run great, great lengths

I remember my home
And I miss its smell
If only I had known
This would be such hell

My girl, my girl
How could I leave her side
If only I were there
I would make her my bride

But now I must go
And put thoughts of home behind me
My world is right here
And the rest of the world is blind to me

Graduation is closer
Every single day
I wish it were here
These words I pray

Once it is over
I will have become a man
They say I will be strong
Strong enough to fight for this land

But in my mind
I am learning to fight for my home
That is where my brightest light
Has always shone

My family and friends
Will say where?s your canteen
But my dad will say
Have you met my son ?The Marine?

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