The first time for interior guard around 2nd BN area at MCRDPI I was posted around the mess hall area with one portion of my route on Panama St. in front of those old wooden barracks (this was Nov. ’67). On one trip around I could hear pounding and shouting from two voices one definitely the DI’s and I guessed the other was a recruit. But, whatever was going on was coming from the squad bay area. Next trip around it was all quiet. Next time by the ambulance was pulling away. Heard through the grape vine that while the DI was pacing between the rows in the squad bay, the plt was doing the manual while in skivvies, one of the t*rds snapped and launched a horizontal butt stroke at the head of the DI as he passed by. But, those amphibious monsters have eyes in the back of their heads so the kid whiffed, didn’t even get any of the Smokey, and landed himself in the hospital and brig. Our plt never had a revolt of any kind other than one alpha hotel who hung a foxtrot uniform on the Senior and just disappeared after we got back to barn. The guide and house mouse just packed his gear and took it away. It was early enough in the cycle that I wasn’t going to risk moving my eyes away from directly to the front to see what happened to the smart a$$.

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!


  • Lloyd L Lewis

    I do not enjoy your new format you have been using rthe past months,I enjoyed reading the old format and then able to read the rest on Sgt grits news letter on the old format under the news letter which I was able to get to get under read on, I am an old Korea veteran with 1st Division veteran, tank mechanic with the first division, I opt to no longer this news letter as you have gone to, I know dthings change but why such a drastic one.

  • Sgt Ted K. Shimono (1959-1968)

    You need to contact Cpl Jim Barber, who just issued his book “SH*TBIRD” How I learned to love the Corps, about the funny things that happened in Bootcamp both in MCRDSD and Parris Island. Like I wrote to Jim, I did not know we had so much fun in Bootcamp “haha”. Semper Fi to all Marines past, present and future.

  • GySgt J. J. Hinojosa USMC (Ret)

    July-Sept 1954 I went through boot with Plt 352, 2nd RTBn PISD. Later on my Marine career, I served as a JDI/Plt Comdr at MCRDSDiego 1965-1966 with Kilo 3rdBn. Kick-ass training was tops at both locations.

  • Sgt. Robert L Sisson

    Yes I believe your story and I always wondered what happened to Beyers. He was always a good guy and my squad leader. We both came down from Pittsburgh together in a group of about 30 guys. You are right about the guys in civies taking him away. Later the DI’s told us what it was all about.

  • Bill Morenz

    Your comment(s) about the bank robber brought back memories of a story I thought no one would believe. I joined in ’53, and was put on a train for SD. While enroute I made ‘friends’ with a big muscular black. He was a real friendly guy. Well after about two weeks I saw him being marched across the grinder with some guys in civvies. We got the word that the civvies were FBI and my buddy was an escapee from Joliet (Statesville). He even mouthed something to me, as he was cuffed. Really, I was sorry to see him go. He always had a smile and a sense of humor. I wonder to this day what happened to him….and if anyone would ever believe this.?Joining the Corps after escaping from Joliet…..come on! Once A Marine Always A Marine! Semper Fi

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