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Bootcamp Stories

By: Howard Hada

I was in contact with “someone” who was putting together a book about bootcamp and some of the “humerous stories” that we experienced….I lost contact with him when my computer crashed….anyone have contact info?? my email is Thank you!

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John Durant Cpl E-2-12 (55-56), & H&S-10 (56-57) - June 21, 2020

The first day/night at PI, after we were told how to line-up by our bunks and come to attention when ordered we were told to get into our scivies and be ready to hit the sack in a few minutes. Then a short while later our Head DI stood in the door way of the Quonset hut and called “Attention” in loud gravely southern draw. He then gazed down the line of fresh recruits. He quickly discerned that there was a deviance from what was expected so he strode down the squad bay where he came upon one man standing in the back ground. Whereupon he announced in a some what louder and more gravely voice, “I better NEVER find two men in the rack together!!!” That remains to this day 62 years and three months later one of the most succinct I have ever heard.

Howard - June 21, 2020

Thank you!! He found me!

Robert H Bliss - June 21, 2020

Are you looking for some more stories about P.I. (1968). I have a few that I would be happy to share—just let me know

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