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Bravo Co 1st Bn 5th Marines Weapons Platoon from Desert Storm

Bravo Co 1st Bn 5th Marines Weapons Platoon from Desert Storm

Im looking for my any of my fellow Jarheads from Bravo 1/5 Weapons Plt especially Mortars. Cpl Gross, Sgt Reese, Cpl Duenas, Cpl Parra…etc…. Heres a pic 6months after getting back from Desert Storm, we went to Okinawa, Japan. Mt Fuji, Japan.

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patrick parks - April 30, 2022

hello to bravo 1/5 5th marines march 69 to sept 1970 fellow grunts.. i was medivaced in sept 1969 served with capt casanetti inthe arizona and liberty bridge area

Mike Stone - April 8, 2020

Harry,We certainly chewed some of the same dirt.You must have been there on Mar. 19, 1969 as well. Phu Lac 6, Liberty Bridge. That was a PUCKER factor day and night.! As written about in the V F W book Brutal Battles of Vietnam and the article as well. WELCOME HOME BROTHER! Thanks Sgt. Grit for this forum. Semper Fi!

Harry - April 8, 2020

We might have crossed paths at some point. I was with the Engrs. that operated the ferry crossing the Song-Tu-Bon at Liberty Bridge/Phu-Loc-6 May-68 to Apr-69 Many Marines crossed there Harry 1371 RVN 4-Apr-68 to 22-Apr-69

Mike Stone - April 8, 2020

I as well was in Bravo 1/5 60 mm mortars Vietnam An hoa Arizona territory 1969. Bushmasters. Semper Fi. brothers.

Gerardus Dam - April 8, 2020

I’m also bravo 1/5 Vietnam Arizona An hoa 68-69

Warren Smith - April 8, 2020

Great to see this. I was in Bravo 1/5 in Vietnam. Nice to see and read the unit is still doing well.

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