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Bring It On

Attached is a picture of me and my hometown buddy Bill on leave from boot camp. We are wearing the winter uniform in 1960, dress greens, with the old style overcoat we called the horse blanket, the green silk scarves and our barracks covers. We were proud and un-afraid to show that we were Marines. But in today's world, Marines are ordered not to wear their uniforms in public for fear they may be targeted. Isn't being targeted by our enemies the whole point of joining the Marines? By not wearing the uniform we concede defeat to the cowards and scumbags of the world who only attack those who can't defend themselves. I think I can safely speak for my fellow Marines when I say "bring it on" to these scumbags. Let Marines wear their uniform in public as a sign that we are still proud and un-afraid, but also give them the ability to defend themselves with the right and duty to carry a weapon just as they do when in a war zone. The war zone is here now.

Norm Spilleth
Corporal, E-4
1960 – 1964

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Tom S Cpl 1960-1965 - July 15, 2020

In theory I agree with you 100%, but in practice wearing a uniform with a weapon could prove to be disastrous. With so much street crime these days in the big cities such as Chicago and cities like it, a Marine could easily be pulled into action as a victim or by necessity to someone’s defense. Not having a weapon the scenario is reduced extremely. After investing time and money to highly train a Marine for the purpose of fighting our nations enemies in our battle fields, it would be a sorry waste loosing a Warrior to a local street fight. Better to allow the local authorities police their streets and Marines, who are capable of the larger battles, attend to their trained mission.

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