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Brother You Have One Now

Brother You Have One Now Admin |

I was touched by Henry Hisel's story. He like I, was a reservist 1962–1968. I wonder what boot camp he was in? I was in 1st BN, Plt. 118, MCRD SD.

The thing I wanted to tell was, during a recent static display of uniforms and memorabilia from our time in duty, I set up a clothes rack with my Dress Blues blouse and EGA NCO Guard Belt along with some other items with my Marine buddy Steve Goodman (we were in boot camp together back then…) anyway we have a senior (older than us LOL) Marine who was a corporal (buck Sgt.) in the 6th Marines who was in the fight on several islands of the Pacific in WWII, and one of them was Okinawa. In his collection was a Samurai Sword he took off a Japanese Soldier who when I asked our friend about it, I was told "well, he didn't need it anymore". Jack is about 5'6" tall and weighs about that much, but he is the "real deal" and is a great friend.

Anyway when he came by our little display including my blouse (maybe the sleeve would have fit me… now. LOL) he stopped in front of my coat and stared at it; "Gee, I never was able to get one of these… and look! It has hash marks and… Corporal Chevrons… just like I was." I took it down off the hanger and said, "turn around Jack!" and helped him into it. It FIT! Like a glove, it fit… He got smoke in his eyes as I turned him around and hooked the neck gear together fastened my brass buckle of the guard belt, and grasped him by the shoulders and stood him back. I looked at him… up & down and d-mn that smoke… anyway… I said, "…well brother you have one now!" I can't tell you the pleasure it gave me to give that blouse to my Marine buddy. Jack Deleeuw. 6th Marines – Okinawa – Class of '45. Semper Fi Marines we are what we are and nobody understands us… except us.

Semper Fi,
David H. Selvy
Marine Corps League, Adjutant
Mount Diablo Detachment 942, Lafayette, CA

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