BS Both Ways

I went to boot camp 3 months after my older brother. Out of boot camp in April 1957 to ITR and into the same Company my brother had been in. Went to get my first Liberty and Liberty Card in 3 1/2 months and the CO says, “I had an Olson in here three months ago, any relative?” Now I wanted to see the sights, not BS. But I had to say “Yes Sir, He was my brother.”

Now the Lt has to take me out to the next room, to a bunch of pictures, of about 250 men each, and ask me, “Which one was your brother?” He… I had never seen the pictures, but I pointed to one of the Marines and said, “This one Sir” He said, “I think I remember him!” BS both ways I’m sure, but I got my Liberty Card! Some things you never forget!

Bob Olson 1957-58-59

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