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Camp Hansen

Camp Hansen

Sgt Grit!

I had to back up Sgt E-4 C.J.Oudendyk story about Camp Hansen, 3rd Marine Divison in 1956. When the Marines transferred me from Japan to Okinawa. They put me at Camp Hansen, I was Cpl Myers, cook/baker but no place to work. The only thing left was the boiler in a quonset hut. There will be some pictures to let anyone know what I mean. In one of the pictures I'm setting there with you guessed it, C-rations, but the troops could not tell the difference, we would doctor the stuff up.

As we advanced and got things in order. I was to man glaze donuts but the little mixer we had, was hard to work with! Well I did it! They must have been good, because, the Army Officer of the day, called me in and told me those were the best d-mn donuts he ever ate! Then told me I could have anything I wanted, a lot of things went through my mind, but I chose a brand new 60qt Hobart mixer. He said OK! He had 3 mixers in the warehouse. I went to my tent and went to sleep. When I reported to work, there it was all wired up and ready to go. The rest is another story.

Cpl Myers

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