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Camp Matthews and Little & Big Agony

By: Robert L. Hammershoy

Regarding Bob Lonn’s mention of Big and Little Agony at Camp Matthews. You mention running up and down them. In 1957 (Plt 243) we had to “Duck-Walk” them in the July heat and dust. That was with steel helmets on and our Garand M-1’s behind our neck. It was brutal, but every one made it. I also have to mention that we had two (2) JDI’s. I swear when we started out with them they had a pact going for the entire 13 week boot camp. For the first half one of the JDI’s played good cop while the other played bad cop. The second half of boot they switched. This was a real blow to all of us as we were just getting to like the “Good Cop” JDI. However, this we all survived too…!

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