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Camp Pendleton Mounted Color Guard

I had the distinct honor of having served as a Corporal of Marines and a Right Guard Rider on the Camp Pendleton Mounted Color Guard 1978-1979 while serving with the 2nd Bn, 5th Marines and HQ Co, 5th Marines (Col Anthony Lukeman was CO).  I saw a picture of the color guard here, but can't seem to find a "category" to go with it.  Seeing pictures of El Noche, Echo Bar and Columbian (aka: Fat Man) brought back so many proud memories of the parades and ceremonies we had the honor of participating in.  Not since the 1900's can many Marines say they were "Horse Marines"!

Semper Fi!

Roger Green

Cpl, USMC '76-'80/HMC(FMF) '80-'98

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