Can Still Lock And Load

Norm and Bill by the dirty name obstacle course at MCRD Parris Island

Me and Bill C. at the Dirty Name, the first obstacle on the Parris Island confidence course on the day we graduated from platoon 374 in the Fall of 1960. Hard to believe that was 56 years ago. In my mind we haven’t changed much since then. Don’t know if we can still do 20 pull ups, but we can still lock and load and put them in the black at 500 yards.

Ship me over Sergeant Major!

Semper Fi
Norm Spilleth
Cpl. E-4

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  • CPL .Jerry D Clark

    I was at P I in 1968’platoon 173 May 30 ,I also turned 18 there the on to school 1371.
    Then on to V N 1st MAW MABS 36.

  • buzz alpert

    Robert were you at PI in June 1960? Be happy hear from you. My email is
    Semper Fi to you,

  • William L. Kuhn

    Looks like we spent some time together back in 1960. I was in Plt. 285 at MCRD San Diego. Graduated December 1960. If I remember right, it was Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day.

  • William L. Kuhn

    Cpl. Talbot,
    You are the closest to a “Platoon Mate” that I have come across in all these years. I was in Plt. 285 at MCRD, San Diego. I’m sure that our paths have crossed many times at the wash rack, rifle range showers, mess hall, etc. Would like to communicate more if possible.

    Cpl. W.L. Kuhn

  • Dennis Strandburg

    I graduated plt 349 1960

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