Captain Marvel

While in boot camp (San Diego) in 1958 a recruit in our series smuggled some blanks back from Camp Mathews. He was standing guard duty one night when a drunk DI returned to the area. The recruit challenged him in the proper procedure:

“Who goes there” in which the highly inebriated DI responded; “Captain Marvel”. The recruit responded: “Captain Marvel FLY OVER to be recognized”. The DI took another couple paces only to be halted with the command: “I said, Captain Marvel, FLY OVER to be recognized”. Still no response except the DI took another couple paces and was halted with the strong command: “For the 3rd. and last time, I said Captain Marvel, fly over to be recognized”.

Needless to say, the DI started walking again only to be confronted with 2 blank rounds being fired by the recruit. The DI tore through 4 Quonset huts turning over the pot bellied stoves and falling numerous times over foot lockers. We never saw that recruit again and rumor was an order came from RTR that no Drill Instructor was to come into the recruit area intoxicated. We also heard that DI joined AA.

Al Brodbent

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